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Simply fill out the form below. List your preferred Plan Option in the "Message" box. You will then receive an invoice through your selceted email. Once invoice has been paid, you will be placed on the schedule for household trash pick up on the following Saturday.

Weekly curbside pick ups are every Saturday morning. Trash should be set out no later than 5:00a.m.  
Please help us in providing you professional, efficient service by following the guidelines outlined below.
-Quantity restrictions are outlined via the service you selected. If you foresee having a larger quantity of trash larger than what you normally incur, contact our office to discuss additional charges that may apply if any. 
-All trash must be contained in trash bags that can be safely handled without coming apart. Exceptions are given to empty containers that derive from Laundry Detergent, Milk, Juice, etc. Trash bags must not exceed 40lbs or a 32 gallon capacity. 
-Cardboard boxes (no Styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap) should be flattened or broken down as much as possible and placed at the curb during your designated day. Crews will not collect boxes filled with trash!
-Bulky/special items (furnishings, appliances, other household items not fitting in plastic garbage bags or cans) will not be collected on regular trash collection days, you must request special pickup for such items which are subject to additional fees or charges. We do NOT consider Bulky/Special items that were not collected with your regular trash to be a “missed pickup” and will not send crews back for such items. 
-Used cooking oil may be collected with regular trash; however, large containers should be avoided. Smaller, sealed containers are acceptable.​
-Trash cans that contain loose, not bagged trash, will not be collected.
-Garbage/Trash bags should not be filled to a weight which causes tearing or breakage of the bags.
-Clean up of trash scattered by animals or the elements is the responsibility of the customer.
​​​-Remodeling and building materials, carpet, dirt, concrete, doors, cabinets, toilets, sinks, rocks, dirt, concrete, vehicle parts, tires, paint cans, glass, propane tanks, hazardous materials will NOT be collected with curbside pick up. To have items of this nature removed, please contact our office for more information and pricing.
​Failure to remain current on your account will result in immediate termination of services. Payments received after the due date are considered "Late". All "Late Payments" are subject to a $35 late fee per every two weeks past due. Returned Checks are subject to a $45 fee along with any additional fees accrued.
​-Additional bags will be charged at a rate of $3 per bag
Customers receive the following:
​FREE Curbside pick up of TWO bulky items per year!
​FREE Curbside pick up of ALL electronic waste on the
third Saturday of the month. Brought to you by
XS E-Waste. ​*TVs are NOT included and subject to additional fees!
Additional Discounts on our other services.
Service Plan Options:
Contact Information
​The Trashcan Junk Hauling & Trash Removal
​PO BOX 4326  Winchester, VA 22604
​(703) 585-7056

Billed Monthly
Standard Plan (4-6 Bags Weekly) - $47.95 Total Monthly Charge
 Family Plan (7-9 Bags Weekly) - $58.95 Total Monthly Charge
 Basic Plan (1-3 Bags Weekly) - $29.95 Total Monthly Charge
 General Plan (10-14 Bags Weekly) - $72.80 Total Monthly Charge

Billed Quarterly
Standard Plan (4-6 Bags Weekly) - Quarterly Payment $130 (discount of $13.85)
 Family Plan (7-9 Bags Weekly) - Quarterly Payment $160 (discount of $16.85)
 Basic Plan (1-3 Bags Weekly) - Quarterly Payment $80 (discount of $9.85)
 General Plan (10-14 Bags Weekly) - Quarterly Payment $200 (discount of $18.40)